Our Process for working with Clients

As your estate planning attorney, I strive to serve you as people, not as a file. By focusing on your family’s hopes, dreams and aspirations, I am able to combine my legal expertise to create plans that serve your family not only today, but well into the future.

Step One: The Initial Consultation

We offer prospective estate planning clients a half-hour complimentary initial consultation.  With your permission, financial advisors are welcome to attend this initial consultation as well. If this cannot be arranged, we will seek your permission to discuss their estate planning with your financial advisors afterward.  After making recommendations, Shimada Estate Planning will quote a flat fee for design, drafting and implementation of the plans. You then may choose to engage our firm by signing a fee agreement and paying a deposit (usually 50% of the quoted flat fee); or you may choose to take some time to reflect before moving ahead.

Step Two: The Design Meeting

Often combined with the initial consultation, Shimada Estate Planning will spend another half-hour or so with clients, after listening to your needs, plans and goals. In some cases we may arrange for a follow-up meeting to fine-tune a specific plan.

Step Three: Review And Sign The Document

A follow-up meeting to sign/execute and notarize documents will be scheduled. This meeting usually lasts for about an hour, as we will explain the planning documents to you, and to your family members if necessary. We will also explain how to fund trusts and provide instructions on how to complete this process.